Sage Baked Cauliflower Recipe

By Amie Valpone, Culinary Marketing Consultant & CEO of the gluten-free blog, The Healthy Apple.Here is a quick and easy cauliflower recipe that’s roasted to perfection- perfect for a breezy March afternoon or a warm April evening....more

Zucchini salad with blue cheese

A salad which doesn't only bring some fresh colours to your plate but also a great, crunchy taste....more

Fried rice

In just no time you can turn plain white rice into something so delicious, with just a few simple ingredients, offering a different texture and a nice blend of the different flavours, soaked up by the rice, while frying.This dish can easily prepared in advance and reheated in the microwave or oven.   ...more

Creamed Corn with Maple-Pepper Bacon


My Neighbors, a Bottle of Vinegar and Marinated Mushrooms

Although I am far from a professional writer, I’m often compelled to tell a story every now and then. This story is about my world, how I see it, the people that care about me, how I care for them, and about the precious moments in the life of my children. ...more
I love this! Mouth - Watering photos!more

Chopped Tangy Garden Slaw

greens 'n' beans...

A friend brought me a beautiful big bunch of mustard greens from her garden. They have a good bite, she warned me, but I already knew that. Mustard greens are wonderful, hot and dense in flavor, but they want cooking.Now this is not really the "southern" style of cooking greens, although it could be. You know how my "recipes" are; you can (and I hope you <i>will</i>) change it up to suit yourself! This time I made it vegetarian-style and sort of "Mediterranean" (olive oil, no butter or lard or...) just simple and good.It is a take on an appetizer I had at......more

Considering the Artichoke

I'd like to know how hungry the first person was that looked at this and said: "Yeah, that's for eating." Looks like something Luke Skywalker almost got up close and personal with. ...more

White Asparagus with Tarragon Cream and Toasted Bread Crumbs: Celebrate Spring!

Green asparagus or white. What’s the difference?...more


Our restaurant is new to being open in the evening, but I do think the word is starting to get out.  We had a great dinner crowd tonight.   I am glad because paying everyone and not being busy in the evenings was getting old.  I was busy enough during lunch to pay the evening help till things picked up and now we are busy, so what will I do next??? I am going to a food show on Sunday in Cedar Rapid Iowa; we will see what comes next for Delightfully Tasteful Bistro.  I’m thinking ICE CREAM, who doesn’t love ice cream????...more