Southwestern Nachos Potato Skins

We came across a 2010 issue of Food Network magazine where they made a themed potato skin for every team in the NFL and their toppings for the Arizona Cardinals themed potato skins were just too scrumptious to pass up without trying !Ingredients...more

Eggless Brookies Recipe

Eggless Brookies Recipe-How to make Brookie-Soft Chewy Brownie Cookie-Easy Cookies...more

25 Easy and Healthy Snack Ideas

One of the things I have always struggled with is snacking. And I think everyone can agree that snacking usually leads to the land of empty calories. Meaning, what you're eating isn't benefitting you in any way.The past year, I cut out 85% ish of processed foods from my diet. This means I have to think outside the box when it comes to snack time....more

6 Dietary Guidelines For Feeding Your Dog

 In case your dog is acting strange or if it is experiencing some symptoms which include vomiting, weakness, diarrhoea or lack of coordination, there is a chance you are not feeding your dog the right food.How interesting! To know that the foods you feed your dog with can actually add 3 years to the lifespan of your dog or even reduce it. The wrong bite of healthy fruit can also have a lasting unpleasant consequence on your dog. This is why you need to be careful of what you are feeding your dog....more

Date & Pumpkin Seed Brownie Bites (No-bake)

These no-bake date and pumpkin seed brownie bites are quick and easy to make. Bonus they’re filled with 4 healthy ingredients. Are you in need of a snack that does not have nuts? Originally I made this recipe a few years back with pecans. They are my raw brownie bites. The original recipe is still my favorite. This recipe is ever so different from the original. ...more

Product Review: Farmer's Pantry Cornbread Crisps - Healthy Snacking


Whole30 Meals and Recipes- Sides/Snacks

YAY! My favorite part of any meal are the sides. Luckily for us, Whole30 sides are all REALLY tasty! These are the sides that will be part of our meal plan. I've also included a few snack ideas for those of you asking about snacks. The Whole30 program doesn't actually support the idea of snacking but I know that a lot of us are having a hard time with the thought of NO SNACKS at all for thirty days. Just be very mindful when you are eating and don't eat out of boredom but only when your body tells you that you are hungry!  ...more

Super Bolw Recipes

The Super Bowl is just over a week away. It’s one of my favorite eating days of the year. Do you have your menu planned yet? I’m happy to report that we just finalized our Super Bowl recipes and meal plan last night. If you’re looking for some ideas, I’m here to help! Here are some of my crowd pleasing favorites, perfect for game day!...more

Best Snacks for Studying

I don’t know about you guys but when I am doing homework, I need snacks to make my way through all of the work I have to do. Snacks are a good boost of energy and helps stimulate your brain activity – oh, and it helps break up your boredom! But you need to be selective about what kind of snacks you eat. Your body needs good fuel, especially if you are studying for an upcoming test or working on a project. Don’t put a Frappuccino or Doritos into your precious body when it craves real food! Here are some of the best snacks to eat while studying. ...more