My Journey into Indian Cooking

I recently became obsessed with learning how to cook quick, healthy, Indian food that tastes good....more

La Vegan Loca

I became a vegan about a year ago at the beginning of 2009. It began with reading about health, where our food supply comes from, and the meat and dairy industry. I just decided to stop eating animal products cold turkey. Literally. It was pretty easy too. I have spent the last year trying to avoid everything else that uses animal parts from beauty products, to clothing, to wine (so sad). It has been an incredible journey and probably one that I will be on for a while. When people find out that I am a vegan, they usually ask, "Why?" with a horrified look on their faces....more

Celery, Cashew & Sherry Soup

I have a bunch of celery in my fridge right now!


Well actually..we kinda do....

I am a vegan. Well I'm a lot of things but its one of the many tags I've attached to myself over the years. Now I am normally the easy going vegan. I'm not the sort to explain in graphic detail the life and death of your chicken sandwich over lunch. Nor will I refuse to eat with meat eaters, criticise their eating habits or push my own beliefs on others. Until today...... ...more

A couple of years ago:


Hungarian Mushroom Barley Soup

I really wanted to make some Mushroom Barley soup, but many of the recipes called for BUTTER or SOUR CREAM.  Or, quite frankly, they looked a little bland.  So, I decided to overhaul a highly rated recipe on to make it lower in fat and dairy free.  The results were outstanding, so I feel compelled to share it with the world....more

Sudanese aubergine (eggplant) dip

This recipe was given to me by my lovely Sudanese friend EB. It is called aswada: aswad means black in Arabic, and is the Sudanese word for aubergine (eggplant) because of its black skin. This dip is a cousin to babaghanoush, but with peanut and lime in place of tahina and lemon. It should be sharp and zingy and very garlicky.On Friday I had some of my absolute favourite ladies over for supper: Madame la Moue, Mrs Madeira, Mrs H, Madame Pantalon and me Julie. This went down very nicely with a glass of wine as a pre-dinner snack.Aswada...more

Things to Think About Before Going Vegan

There are quite a few things one should consider before becoming a vegan. After strongly investigating vegan menus and recipes, you will find that veganism really promotes the spice of life. It is not an easy road by any means, but it may encourage you to live vibrantly and with a new purpose!I have not reached the veteran stage of vegan lifestyle yet, but I will share what I have learned....more

sounds so nice!

And never needing a doctor is the best benefit of all!

I'd love ...more

This Blog and I Are Under Construction-Stay Tuned :-)

On December 1, 2009 I had an endometrial biopsy. On December 9 I got the call: "It's cancer; stage II" followed just minutes later with, "Oh, yes! The organ must come out! And maybe the ovaries." NOT! :-) Cancer is no longer the "Big C" or a "dirty little secret." Not only have I been guided since that phone call to not travel this journey to healing that way, but I also believe, deep in my heart, that it is nothing but a Divine Opportunity. ...more

Hiding behind something won't make you disappear Fatty.

Dearest Fatty, Its hard to feel like your not part of "the gang" isn't it. You have often used groups, tribes and movements of people to hide your problems behind, but its never quite worked out well has it. You became vegetarian and dropped weight in your teens, but piled it all back on within a year. You became vegan and again lost weight (yes yes I KNOW its not the reason you became Vegan..can I continue?), but that didn't last long either. ...more

Before we went vegan I took my kids off the school lunches and made them pack lunches instead ...more

Happy is Hard

It’s hard to stay the course and true North when a Category 5 hurricane hits home! Let’s call it Mother. I’m bobbing and weaving, bobbing and weaving. Avoiding landmines in the living room and booby traps at the dinner table… And as if that weren’t hard enough, I started a whole body detox?...more