My Journey into Indian Cooking

I recently became obsessed with learning how to cook quick, healthy, Indian food that tastes good....more

Sprouts. Fast Food Vegetables.

“From seed to salad in only one week,” says Good Sprout News about vegetable sprouts.  Sprouts are nature’s fast food!  And, “they can be locally grown and available in all four seasons.” ...more

Celery, Cashew & Sherry Soup

I have a bunch of celery in my fridge right now!


Stupid Mandoline

So I have one of these wonderful contraptions that are supposed to make it really easy to cut beautifully even, thin slices of anything really fast.  It comes with nice instructions on how to change the blades around to make julienne cuts, ridges, straight cuts, and various widths.  Unfortunately, it does not come with instructions on how to hold the food in the little food holding vice and actually cut the food....more

Monday Dose of Market: Backyard Greenhouse Bounty

Have you ever thought about building a greenhouse in your backyard?  Ed has.  A lot.  From inexpensive yet effective materials, to  passive heating and vegetable yields, this greenhouse in South Denver is more than a casual hobby.  Stepping through the sliding glass door out of the snow, Ed welcomed us into his world with socked feet, standing on a small patch of grass.  The warmth enveloped me and I immediately began planning my own backyard greenhouse in my head....more

art and lemons: Profile of an Art and Food Blog

Say hello to Nikki Gardner, who shares recipes, photos and stories in her art and food blog called "art and lemons." ...more

I like seeing the face behind the blog a bit more.

Kalyn Denny more


While campaigning, Obama asked a group of Iowans, “Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula? I mean, they’re charging a lot of money for this stuff.”  Obama was trying to make a point that prices at grocery stores have risen, yet farmers haven’t seen their prices go up. Detractors were quick to point out that there are no Whole Foods stores in Iowa.   Arugula-gate was born.  Suddenly, arugula became a symbol of elitism, a vegetable litmus test.  I wonder how arugula felt about all this....more

I can't wait to trying growing some this spring!

Cristin (aka the veggie ignoramus)


Duck is Tasty

Duck is tasty. Or so Mr Goog tells me. I wouldn't know, I'm a vegetarian, and always have been. ...more

Hungarian Mushroom Barley Soup

I really wanted to make some Mushroom Barley soup, but many of the recipes called for BUTTER or SOUR CREAM.  Or, quite frankly, they looked a little bland.  So, I decided to overhaul a highly rated recipe on to make it lower in fat and dairy free.  The results were outstanding, so I feel compelled to share it with the world....more

Green Garlic: A Verdant Taste of Spring

To those of you still mired in the throes of winter around the country, I bring tidings from an early spring. Here in Northern California, spring vegetables are starting to show up in our local farmer's market, and, groundhog prognostication or not, they will be showing up in local farmers' markets all over the country very soon. The season is about to change, and with that change comes a fresh crop of bright new flavors. One of the spring crops I'm always excited to see is green garlic, a young crop of garlic that looks similar to a green onion but offers a subdued version of mature garlic's flavor....more

Julie, I'd love a report on that soup once you've made it -- it sounds delicious!

--- Genie, ...more