It's Time For Cooking Garden Veggies on the Grill

I love this time of year when summer hasn't quite changed into fall and gardens are bursting with vegetables. No matter if you have a garden or are buying from a farmer's market, the plentiful produce combined with perfect weather for being outside makes cooking vegetables on the grill such a delight. And of course, grilled vegetables are wonderfully flavorful. If you don't have an outside grill, you can also make grilled veggies on an electric grill or stove-top grill pan. If' I've convinced you to try veggies on the grill, here are a few tips, plus some recipes to get you started. ...more

Not only is there an abundance of great veggies to grill, but it's more fun grilling when ...more

Artists of all sorts, feature your work

Hi, I'm Rachel. I run DailyPepTalkFromABestFriendEveryday I post a pep talk, a podcast, and a whole bunch of pics and art. As an art lover, I'm interested in promoting artists with a picture on my site and a link to your blog or info. If you check my site and think your work would be good match, please feel free to contact me. I like all sorts of arts and crafts, jewelry, photos, antiques, cute animals, food and recipies with pics, anything really. ...more

The Sauces of Summer: Salsa

Summer cooking is inspired by fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, which is why I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts about the summer-time sauces that use these seasonal ingredients. So far I've discussed Chimichurri Sauce, Greek Tzatziki Sauce, and Pesto. It's time to talk about salsa, which I'm guessing is the most well-known summer sauce of all. ...more

I tell myself that's why I neglect the garden in the fall, to get volunteer plants in the spring ...more

Three Things to do with a Mediocre Melon

Are you like me with your lack of melon-picking luck?  I smell them to make sure they smell as much like a sweet version of themselves as possible.  Yup, and I poke the blossom end to make sure it has a nice give.  I heft them to evaluate whether they're heavy for their weight.  I've even laid down in the middle of the garden to place my ear on a watermelon so I could squeeze it to listen for an alleged tell-tale cracking that means it's ripe. ...more

Eggplant Casserole

A tasty casserole...  ...more

Can I call time out?

  So I have publicly vowed here on BlogHer on more than one occasion that I would be eating organic for health, going green (first by recycling), and amping up my non-existent fitness regimen.  I'll let you all in on a secret - I'm batting 1 out of 3.  That's not so bad right? ...more

Dear PETA: Please lose the blubber from your collective brains

Hey, if you live in Jacksonville, Florida, you may have already seen PETA's latest billboard, which depicts an overweight woman spilling out of her bikini and underneath "Save the Whales" declares, "Lose the blubber: Go vegetarian." Image: ...more

It would appear tht PETA is not the only one to associate large women with whales. I recently ...more

Summer Tomato Tart

 "A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins" - Laurie Colwin ...more

Cucumber and Avocado Wrap

Try this easy, healthy and yummy wrap for lunch! ...more

That sounds tasty. So does your tomato soup!


An Accidental Part-Time Vegetarian?

Is it possible to be a part time vegetarian? As someone who is always trying to eat healthier, this sounds like it could be an interesting idea. Personally, I could never be the person who cuts meat out of her life altogether, but limiting my meat intake and eating more vegetables is very doable. In addition to this being a more healthy way of eating, there are also economic implications. It's just getting more and more expensive to buy meat these days. In fact, due to the economy I think I've actually become an accidental part-time vegetarian. ...more

It is great to see that more and more people are trying out vegetarian meals, or at some ...more