Fresh garbanzos: An unusual treat

I’m just going to go ahead and lay my lack of deep thinking right out before you. Garbanzos or chickpeas? Before last year, I never thought of how they got from plant to can. I just assumed the choices were organic or not, store-brand or Goya or whatever else was available on the shelf. Then I discovered a bulk aisle with dried chickpeas, which became a revelation. Soak them and cook them up, and they taste so much better than the canned kind. As easy? No, but still…an improvement over what I’d assumed was the status quo. ...more

Lara, I considered making hummus with mine -- I am a verified hummus freak, after all -- but ...more

Weekend Menu Planning: It's Time for Sweet Corn on the Menu!

There are lots of flavorful seasonal vegetables to enjoy in summer, but I'd guess for many people the most anticipated summer foods are tomatoes, zucchini, green beans, and sweet corn. All four of these are good reasons to have a vegetable garden, or at least visit your local farmers market. Lately I'm really craving corn on the cob, so here are some recipe ideas to expand your options for corn season. ...more

You have my attention!

Kalyn Denny
Kalyn's ...more

Zucchini, chickpea and cherry tomato salad

On my right index finger, there’s a small, round scar. It’s hard to see unless you’re looking for it, but I know it’s there, and when I run my thumb over it, I can feel a lump of scar tissue underneath it. That scar? It’s the Mark of the Mandoline, brought to my by a moment of bad judgment involving baby zucchini. Baby zucchini should not be scary. They are lovely, fresh vegetables, after all, and you can even eat the skin. They taste better than the baseball bats that they would become later, were they left on the plant too long. ...more

Gerry, I totally hear you! If I didn't have the glove, I would totally have continued ...more

Specialty Recipes from My(E) Kitchen. This site is all about Indian and different kinds of recipes which are simple, easy and quick to prepare and healthy to eat. ...more

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Tofu a Plethora of Veggies and Old Bay

Oven roasted Tofu. A Plethora of Vegetables.  Old Bay seasoning and a GIVEAWAY. ...more

Blueberry Sweet Potato Bread

Blueberry Sweet Potato Bread Here is another recipe that is great to prepare and serve on a busy morning. At first blueberries and sweet potatoes seemed like an unlikely combination to me, but the two turned out to be a wonderful complement to one another. I think you will like this bread as much as I do. Once my busy family is out the door, I enjoy taking a few moments to savor a ...more

Portobellos on the Grill

What happened to my mushrooms?  It's a tasty recipe but only the ones with the goat cheese came out looking pretty. Check out the recipe, let me know what you think happened, then continue on and enter the OLD BAY giveaway.  Click this LINK. ...more

How Our Marriage Works

I got up this morning to make coffee for Skye and me and found a package of raw, ground turkey sitting on top of the coffee maker.  ...more

Blueberry Spinach Salad Topped with Pecans and Blue Cheese

Blueberry Spinach Salad Topped with Pecans and Blue Cheese This is one of my favorite salads of all time! If you only try one of the recipes from this week, this is the one to try! It is delicious, colorful, and a perfect dish for a summer picnic. I generally make this as a side dish, but if you add some chicken or shrimp you can quickly turn it into a main dish. The Blueberry Vinaigrette is to die for! ...more

A Week of No Meat

So far I've stuck it out for a week.  At this point I'm still feeling deprived, but this is normal.  I remember from the last time I gave up meat that I felt this way for about two weeks.  On the bright side, I'm expanding my lists of things that I do eat.  Yesterday for lunch I was a tad rushed so I brought a PB&J sandwich with baby carrots, tabbouleh, and sliced kiwi fruit on the side.  It was very good.  I'd have liked a better sandwich, but like I said I was rushed and this was almost all grab-and-go type food. ...more

After I lost 150 lbs I gave up beef, pork and seafood. I was so close to being a vegetarian, ...more