Food and Mood

What I love most about food is how much it does for you if you just give it a good fighting chance. A little care in planning your meals scores you major points in terms of looks, moods, heart health, and of course, taste. But what about that other kind of nourishment? I think that any real homage to food should include a nod to the core reason we eat it—to give our souls a chance to live this fabulous life.

So in my ten-week lifestyle food guide (which you can learn and love when my book comes out), I include a little tidbit for your tiny but oh-so-critical soul nourishment in each week. Because, multi-taskers that we are, doesn’t it seem appropriate that part of your time nourishing yourself should also include some time nourishing your soul?

Here’s my thought. If we all spend just a couple of minutes a day giving our souls a tiny bit of extra love, we’ll all be happier, brighter people, which filters down to our kids, to our communities, and basically everywhere. Next time you’re waiting for water to boil, use those minutes to come up with a plan of your own.

What are five things you can do in those in-between moments to nourish your soul? It can be as simple as coming up with a mantra of gratitude for the food that you’re eating, or of taking a few minutes to reminisce about your grandmother’s favorite recipe when you were a child. Want more inspiration? Let’s chat about it on Facebook!

Seriously, isn’t food just the best


All the Best,

Beth Aldrich

Author of Real Moms Love to Eat (


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