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Hey there, Alanna here, just back from the insanity, no make that intensity that is BlogHer the conference. Which food bloggers were there? Here's the list plus an easy summer recipe from each. BlogHer readers? I've got to tell you, this is a great group of cooks but more than that, now that I've met so many new food bloggers face-to-face, and re-acquainted myself with others I've known for a long while, a special group of human beings too. Food bloggers? Tis a pleasure, tis an honor, to know you. I'm proud to be in your company.

Kalyn's Kitchen ~ Grilled Salmon Packets with Tomatoes, Olives, Garlic, Thyme, and Saffron
"... as soon as I took a bite of this salmon cooked in foil with tomatoes, olives, garlic, thyme, and saffron, I knew this was a recipe I'll make over and over. Not only does it have so many flavors I love, but it was so easy that you can have it on the table in 20 minutes."

Simply Recipes ~ Mom's Macaroni Salad
"My mother whipped up this macaroni salad earlier this week and I think I ate half of the whole bowl. Think macaroni and deviled egg make love child and you'll be in the vicinity."

Panini Happy ~ Peaches & Bacon Panini
"I had a hunch that peaches would taste great with bacon and it turned out to be true. It’s that sweet-savory thing I just can’t get enough of."

Dine & Dish (and beautiful Baby Leah) ~ Shrimp Linguine with Lemon Basil Sauce
Kristen's also written a BlogHer Recap she calls Babies, Blogher and Banana Bars (how's that for alliteration?).

In Good Taste ~ Easy Chicken Fajitas
"I had promised to cook my friend dinner and was faced with the task of preparing a meal without a cutting board, colander, measuring cups, spoons or a sharp knife. ... So after a quick trip to the grocery store and some arm wrestling with the paring knife and a few bell peppers, we had chicken fajitas."

Cora Cooks ~ Easy Living Summertime Dinner Menu
"My kind of easy living dinner for the most surprisingly delightful weather of the year! [That would be shrimp with cocktail sauce, fresh sweet corn, roasted potatoes and a salad!]"

Savor the Thyme ~ Pork Chops with One-Minute Salsa Verde
"Now, this is a rough salsa verde, what do I mean? well, you could nicely chop and mince all the ingredients together and gently stir them in a bowl but here is the 'Momma has lots to do method'."

Pioneer Woman Cooks ~ Hot & Sweet Drumsticks
"The ingredient that caught my eye was this [apricot preserves]. I’m a real sweet-savory person (food, not personality—I’m SOUR, I tell you…SOUR) and I knew this would be delicious."

Steamy Kitchen ~ Carolina Barbecued Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Spicy Tangy Slaw
"This is what real barbecue is all about. A long slow cooked pork shoulder is as good as it gets. Yes, the butt comes from the shoulder. It’s the shoulder blade or the “butt” end of the whole shoulder."

Inn Cuisine ~ Eggs in a Cloud
"I’m sharing a whimsical, easy to re-create recipe for Eggs in a Cloud—a fun entree for any casual breakfast, brunch, light lunch or easy summer dinner on the deck."
Also -- don't miss Sandie's excitement about meeting none other than Paula Dean!

Iron Stef ~ Beet Salad with Runny Eggs & Fried Potatoes
"The sweet, earthy, cool salad went nicely with the comforting fried potatoes and eggs. Top with Manchego, accompany with a few cold beers and the world seems alright again."

Barbaric Gulp ~ Fried Baby Squash Blossoms
"I bought these cute little patty pan squashes with their blossoms still attached at the farmers market a couple weeks ago. My initial plans was to open & stuff the blossoms before frying, but I decided they were too little for that. So, I simply fried them whole & ate them with a marinara sauce."

A Year of Slow Cooking ~ Herb-Roasted Chicken with Summer Tomatoes
"I made a whole chicken yesterday in the slow cooker, and it turned out really well. We had some tomatoes that needed to get used up before they turned into pasta sauce, and I threw them on top of the bird while it slow-cooked. I loved the end result: a moist, flavorful chicken with gooey packed-with-flavor tomatoes."

This Mama Cooks ~ Log Cabin Style Maple Ribs
"This recipe ... can be done on the stovetop and in the oven. Since you have to boil the ribs and make the marinade the night before so the ribs can marinate, the best time to start this recipe is the evening before you want to eat them."

Show Me Curry ~ Reshmi Kebab
"Here is super simple and utterly delicious “must-try” recipe for Reshmi Kebab. Bite size pieces of chicken are marinated in a fresh and flavorful mint cream sauce."

Green Lite Bites ~ Spinach Salad with Toasted Chickpeas & Pomegrate Vinaigrette
"I’m super happy with this idea. It was fast, easy, tasty, satisfying and an uber light lunch! I may make it again tonight to bring to work tomorrow."

This Week for Dinner ~ Soo-Wee Sauce for Baby Back Ribs
"... when the ribs were cooked, he [my husband] took them off the grill, laid them on foil, smothered them in the sauce and wrapped the ribs up in the foil for about 30 minutes. Delish!"

Building Blocks Show ~ Red Sauce
"Tip for Making Red Sauce: Use sauce in baked ziti, lasagna, manicotti or your favorite pasta."

The Perfect Pantry ~ Chipotle Chicken Sandwich
"My husband Ted's new favorite sandwich can be made with mayonnaise instead of Miracle Whip, but not without the chipotles in adobo. Make more than you need, and store it in the refrigerator in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. The smoky heat of the chiles is addictive."


Lunch in a Box ~ Bento Bloggers, Know Your Worth

Kitchen Gadget Girl ~ Food Bloggers' Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
Gudrun polled the BlogHer09 food bloggers about their own favorite gadgets. She says that she uses this "What's your favorite gadget?" technique as a conversation starter and a way to help remember people she meets, afterward. This is a great tip!

Londonelicious ~ Ten Best Things About Chicago
"... although I consider myself a New Yorker, I lived in Chicago for eight years before moving to London. ... at every turn, I was impressed by the ways the city [Chicago] has grown in my absence. Have you been? If not, you should go."

I'd like to give a special shout-out to my three roommates. We met in hotel rooms (sight unseen, before!) and it all worked out just great. Every single one of them gets an A+ in the roommate department. Meet social media evangelist Heidi Miller, the very funny Chrystal from the mommy blog Boobs, Injuries and Dr Pepper and Tatyana, hmm, who doesn't have a blog but was a great roommate.

And you?
And you, were you at BlogHer09? If so, leave a link to a favorite easy summer recipe in the comments!

BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg loved the train to and fro between St. Louis and Chicago and came home to work on more easy summer recipes.


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