Food Bloggers Fight Storm of Facebook Pages That Are Stealing Their Content


target of abuse by page owners and the fans.

Food bloggers are working hard to have their work respected. The pages, however, are popping up faster than we can keep track. So if you’re a food blogger and you’re concerned, how do you find out if your food blog content is lifted? What can you do?

  • Upload an image into Google image search and see if people are repurposing it
  • Install the newest version of Facebook and search on the word “recipe” to find recipe communities

If you do find your recipes out there, first assume the person has no knowledge that what they did was wrong. Kindly ask them to link properly. If that doesn’t work, then report the post. Whatever you do, don’t stoop to the level of the people who are causing vicious smear campaigns by writing hateful emails or comments in return. The goal is to enlighten, not to enrage.”


This post originally appeared as a guest post on Will Write for Food. Susan Powers is a professional blogger and food photographer living in the San Francisco Area. You can find her at and

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