Food for a College Girl

Avoiding the freshman 15 is like trying to avoid the flu when all of your friends are sick. It's nearly impossible. That is, unless you have a super fast metabolism or just genetically skinny. Coming from someone who has never been skinny in her entire life (well except maybe in elementary school) that meals are social times especially when you are a freshman trying to meet people.

After moving out of the dorms I moved into a sorority house, which not much better. Atleast in the dorms you had to walk to the nearest dining hall, and in a sorority house you just walk down the stairs. You also sit in the dining room with a bunch of your girl friends in front of a buffet of food and go back for seconds, sometimes thirds and fourths. There's also an open snack room (open all hours of the night) with probably 20 different cereals granola bars and 10 gallons of milk sitting in the fridge. It's a nightmare when you are pulling an all nighter.

This is an exciting time for me. My senior year and I am finally living on my own! My mom has been trying to teach me how to cook for ages. As she says, "Every woman needs to know how to cook." I actually enjoy cooking. My boyfriend and I like to cook together, but in most cases he ends up cooking and I end up watching. I don't think he feels comfortable with me cooking alone. It probably didn't help that I burnt onions trying to cook for him on our second date!

So far, it's been grrreat! It's not a very cheap hobby, but more economical as opposed to going out. And hey... maybe I can even cook healthy and not gain a senior-15!

So here I am! I dont want this to be another version of Julia & Julia. I just want to share my experiences with cooking, baking, etc with you on a budget and limited time (since I am a busy college student with 18 credits and 2 jobs!) and hey... maybe you can learn a thing or two.

So look for my recipes or whatever else I could possibly have to say!


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