Food Critic Refuses To Promote Bakery Because I Donate To Pet Shelters


We're Lulu (left) and Karen (right) and together we make up Sweet Lulu's Bakery on Wheels, in Charleston, South Carolina.

And I'm on a quest to Kickstart my idea of opening a mason jar mobile bakery, that will also donate a percent of profits to two pet shelters near and dear to my heart.

So in an effort to get as many eyes on my Kickstarter campaign, I reached out to everyone including the local press. In particulatr I reached out to our local food critic who covered a Kickstarter food truck campaign this year.

I told her about our delicious red velvet cupcakes and our signature Wonder Woman cupcake - a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter French buttercream topped with roasted peanuts and pretzels and drizzeled with ganache.

Sadly though I was told no. Actually I was told, "Not for us, thanks."
When I asked why my bakery wouldn't be something for the local food column I was told my idea was not "highly relevant to our readership" keeping in mind I live in the South and mason jars are a staple in pretty much every Southern home. I was also told my idea to have a food truck not in a boring retired FedEx truck like everyone isn't but rather a renovated pick-up truck and trailer wasn't "unique."

This isn't unique?

Now please keep in mind, mine would be the only mason jar bakery in the area and if my campaign is successful, there will only be two in the entire state of South Carolina.

Furthermore, this food critic then went on to say my bakery doesn't "enhace the city's food scene" and "while that's an honorable and worthy mission, it falls well outside of our coverage area" and "your story isn't a good fit for the food section."

Someone please enlighten me how a bakery, that isn't even open yet and is already booking weddings for next year, and has all the local wedding planners excited, isn't a good fit for the food section?

Is it me or does it appear as though my goal to help shelter pets is really a negative for this food reporter?


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