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I'm a mother, wife, aspiring farmer, and passionate food advocate. I write about my thoughts and concerns over the generally accepted ideas about food, farming and health.

At our home, we try to eat whole foods and prepare meals from scratch when time and planning permits. We try to eat organically and locally whenever possible. We also try to avoid many common allergens - corn, grains, soy, dairy or anything genetically modified - due to the multiple food sensitivities in our family. In order to reduce our exposure to the toxic chemicals used on conventionally grown produce, we do our best to grow our own.

During the summer months, my aim is to (eventually) meet and exceed our family's produce needs with our garden, and to put enough food by for the winter. I'm far from perfect with my ideals, but I am attempting to live a life that contributes to a more sustainable and healthy future. I hope you'll join me.