Food Labels Leave Off Full Story for Allergy Sufferers-My Son's WTOP Interview

When I first started my blog,, I had originally viewed it as an allergy blog, complete with recipes and advice. Over the years, I realized that while allergies were always at the forefront of our lives, there were so many other things, funny, and not so funny, about the parenting and "aging" journey that needed to be explored as well.  I realized that I could still advocate on behalf of my son, but I didn't have to do it 24/7 in my blog. Rather, the blog, took on a life of its own, complete with anecdotal incidents, the "joys" of raising a teenager, along with some awesome recipes I have created along the way.

I never wanted my son to be defined by allergies, nevertheless, if I have done anything right as a parent, it's this... I have made him an advocate for himself. In the world of food allergies, unfortunately, no one really looks out for our kids. Of course, there are the few that do, however, even the well meaning individuals sometimes just don't get it.

I am so proud of my child's interview at WTOP that was aired this morning, and is now on the web.  Read the link below, and know that the most important thing you can do for a kid with allergies is to help become his own advocate!!!!




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