A Food Relevation, Down An Often Rocky Road

There is something brilliant about food, about that perfect family meal that bonds the broken ties, erases the realm of all the days problems if the so exist and creates such magical memories. As a child I grew in my grandmothers’ kitchen in Maine. It was a place filled with cakes past anyone’s appetite and the pressure cooker of all greatest foods of my Scottish, English heritage. It was a place that I would learn about tradition, values and the true joy of food. The place many years later I would revisit to recreate for my own family.

                In April 2011, my son Kade was born.  An amazing little soul, filled with the gift of fight, and an incredible ability to smile and laugh on the darkest of days. At 6 months he began struggling with an every night cough, till he was sick. His breaths would become deep and labored. After many visits to the doctors, the only answers we were given was asthma.

Then he began having tummy problems and would scream in agony every time he had to go to the bath room. His illness rocked my world, and slowly but surely broke everything I had depended on apart. My friends disappeared as his need for care increased, my career in the Navy hit an all time low, and has pushed me to exit the military in a month, and my personal life well it consisted of only him. I spent a long time resenting my life and ultimately I felt so sorry for myself.  With every visit to the ER, with every breathing treatment and every exit respiratory specialist with no answers, left me more and more defeated.

                After a really long day and night taking care of him, I sat down on the back porch and realized I had to fight back for my own life, I just have to reach inside and be strong, he needed me. So I began a mission, which began slowly when at 3 months old when Kade ate his first food. Spinach h and rutabagas to be exact and he smiled with so much joy. It began my mission to feed him only the best organic food money could buy.  To use the culinary skills and knowledge to help him.  In the beginning I found myself going back to days of my grandmother’s house often. As children we all got together and pick fruit warm from the summer’s day and ate and cooked till we couldn’t anymore. It is the fruits and vegetables of those days I began infusing into my family’s daily life. He ate everything with so much enjoyment, as I did. He loved prunes which gave him relief, and raspberries and pears. As he got older I began transition into herbs and spices and he loved it.

There was nothing by 6 months that he would not eat. I remember other mothers being jealous of his eating habits, but if they only saw the smile when he ate good food they to would feed only the healthiest food to there children and leave behind the processed junk.

                He is now a toddler 18 months, to be exact and he eats everything. He still pretty sick and only the other night we visited the ER for breathing treatments, but there as he regained his normal breathing. He looked up and put his little fists together and said “more”, to his organic cookies that he loves so much. I handed it over and for the first time all day he smiled.  That is the moment that I realized that the food I provide brings him joy and I will never stop feeding him his healthy favorites everyday or teaching others the gift of food.



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