The Food Track at #BlogHer17 is Here, and It’s Delicious!

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When we decided to roll our food programming and community back into our annual event it was because food is one of our most important categories, and not having it represented at annual felt like we were missing a limb. We’re ready to today to unveil the "Food Is Life" program track that's been added to the schedule for #BlogHer17, and it’s a group of incredibly practical, always useful sessions, with an emphasis on their application within the food space, but on topics that are surely important to all online content creators.

On Friday we’ll kick off with a topic that looks at one of the other reasons we rolled Food back in to Annual: How to evolve your brand if you’ve spent years as a food blogger, but want to branch out. This happens to other folks way outside the food category (“mommy bloggers” I’m looking at you!) but we’ve seen the trend strongly amongst food bloggers. We’re calling it Un-Bore Your Brand, and we’re mostly talking about how sometimes you can get bored with your own brand and want to stretch your wings, even when you have an audience and community who loves you (and may even be resistant to change). Even if that’s the case, many have achieved this without a problem, and you can too!

We’ll then feature a session that takes you from Fork to Phone, how to create images and other content that are both beautiful and effective using only your mobile phone, and targeting the best mobile experience for your ever-mobile audience. I’d say “mobile” one more time, but I think you get the gist. This is about so much more than pretty pictures (although our speakers, like Adrianna Adarme from A Cozy Kitchen, certainly are publishing those).

Friday’s final session focuses on the future of food blogging…by talking with some Gen Z foodies. Led by MasterChef Junior finalist Zac Kara and young food activist Haile Thomas, these kids put me to shame with both their cooking and their accomplishments!

On Saturday we dig in deep on two perennial favorite topics:

Cookbook publishing kicks off the day, with speakers representing every facet of traditional publishing and some folks who are proponents for the ways to successfully publish outside the traditional publishing space. From cookbook author Julia Turshen to innovators in the space like Kathy Strahs and Babette Pepaj, we look at the ins and outs and help you make your decision about how to make your cookbook dream a reality.

Finally, Brands and Bloggers. We close out the track by talking about this favorite topic…this session is always packed, I’ll just put it that way. We’ll have food-focused bloggers and the brands and agencies who work with them talking about what works, and what doesn’t…from ALL perspectives.  Learn how to pitch, win, and renew business with brands. Learn how to most effectively and authentically work with bloggers. Learn how NOT to end up a #PRFail case study!

And. Just one more thing: This morning we announced how we're bringing Food to the mainstage at #BlogHer17 by presenting an intimate keynote conversation with the one and only Carla Hall on Saturday! You can read more about it in this morning's other big announcement post here!

It’s all happening in this jam-packed food track, and if you’ve not yet bought your #BlogHer17 conference ticket, now’s the time!

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