Food for wife: Confessions of a newlywed's cooking adventures


Confession #1: Honesty and cooking puns are an essential ingredient

Starting this blog isn't something that I thought I would ever do. In fact, it was only a few days ago that some friends of mine suggested I write a 'food blog' when I brought some leftovers into work and they gushed about how fabulous it looked. (It was chicken and sweetcorn soup, mind you) 
I have always enjoyed writing and I have definitely always enjoyed food (more so the eating than the cooking) so really putting the two together didn't seem like too much of a stretch. However, I am not a chef and I would never pretend to be so those of you looking for suburban recipes and cooking techniques - close this tab! Instead, I thought it best to write about what I know : eating, a bit of drinking and my love of cooking new things - mostly trying to outdo my friends with the latter. 
At the age of 23 and being married for a little over a year now to my wonderful husband, I decided it was time to step up the cooking in the interest of becoming more 'homely'. Yes, gone are the days for me where every Sunday is spent nursing a stinking hangover with an Ultimate Burger Meal from KFC and a post-mix coke from McDonalds as I have made the decision to swap most of these occasions with all those grown up things one is supposed to do when married. Now before everyone starts jumping on that bandwagon, let me clarify: this is a decision I have made for myself as I actually do enjoy the idea of being a bit of a housewife where I can - and let's face it, aprons are sexy. My husband is not dominant or chauvinistic - we share most of the housework load and most of the time it is actually quite difficult to get him out of the kitchen as he used to be a chef. So please believe me when I say I am not trying to push any type of stereotype but quite the contrary. My intention is to honestly write about some of the aspects of being a newlywed which I am sure many of us face or think about while in the kitchen preparing that amazing meal.
Anyway - I have decided to claim back the kitchen! And with that, comes this blog. I think it is time that young newlyweds like myself have a bit of honest information out there to help each other with the pressures faced in these beginning years of our marriage. And let's face it, most of that comes from or in the kitchen. With food we can impress, de-stress and make a huge fucking mess whilst (hopefully) creating something amazing for people to enjoy. 
So this is the deal. I am going to let you in on the confessions of my cooking adventures. And I am not going to sugar coat it - pun intended. I will be honest about the food as well as any overarching feelings or issues attached to it because let's face it, cooking is never just about cooking.
I want all of us wives to band together and know that hey, it is tough out there and sometimes it can be damn hard to be the perfect wife! But it's ok - we all have these moments. I am going to prove it to you. And I really just hope that I can help you to help yourselves. 

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