Food Wisz-dom

My passion for healthy and delicious cooking comes directly from the inspired and balanced meals I grew up with thanks to my mother's wonderful influence. My admiration for her grew as I watched her prepare a marvelous array of food for our family in an amazing range of variety. I developed a strong desire to eat well too and to cook for good health by using wholesome ingredients--fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, and proteins such as chicken and fish. As I grew older, I also learned through my Aunt's influence and to this day, I attribute much of my cooking accomplishment to both of them. I am actively exploring ways to help others to cook and eat for good health while maintaining an active lifestyle and through doing this, "paying it forward" so others can learn from these benefits. I have worked for many years in health care, have obtained my nutrition specialist degree and know how diet and exercise benefits individuals and makes a significant impact in the health of society (and our wallets).