FoodBabe and Pumpkin Spice Latte

OK- So it's been a while since I have been on here. I started a new job this past spring and have been trying to focus on that as well as continue to work my photography business on the side. But this morning I saw an article floating around Facebook that just really irked me.

Let me start by saying I am pro-organic/natural foodie person as well. I buy antibiotic free meat and dairy and grassfed beef. I buy organic veggies if I can't grow them myself.  I try to feed my family as clean as possible. But I love certain things that do not fall in this category. If I go out for a good pizza I know that its not going to be organic and if I go to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte I know its loaded in calories and not organic... and that the syrup will have some preservatives.

Foodbabe is like me that she wants all her stuff as organic and natural as possible which I get. But she posted this article this morning claiming facts but didn't prove her arguement. I did some reasearch myself and found some informatin that challenges her claims.  So before you think her claims are the gospel truth and that you should give up anything you love from Starbucks here are some facts to calm your fears.....

1. The Starbucks company is a huge partner of Fairtrade coffee and gets all their coffee through them. The vast majority of Fair Trade coffee is grown organically but farms can't always afford the 20 grand certification stamp... please visit and also.. her claim about Starbucks not serving organic coffee.... Please Read Its all about the Coffee and Pour your Heart Into It before you think her claims on Starbucks being this horrible corporation are true

2. She is wrong about the HFCS they do not use HFCS in any of their syrups... She didn't do her homework.. walk into any store and ask a barista to see the label on the bottle of syrup... Natural sugars and flavors no HFCS but there are preservatives.. which unless you want the price of coffee and drinks to go up even more... it doesn't make business sense to not use some preservatives.. also sodium bicarbonate is baking soda... potassium sorbate is a water soluble preservative.  The big jug of sauce you can buy for home use has HFCS but if you go to Starbucks and get a drink in-store their syrups do nothave HFCS.

I don't know where she is getting this Color information from as its not listed on the bottle..  It says caramel color on the bottle but no level and on wikipedia there are four levels of color listed... I guess she picked the one with ammonia because that sounds like the worst.  SBUX give you ingredients but SBUX is a for profit company is not going to give you formulas because it is proprietary information and they don't want competitors to get the information...

3.  Pumpkin Spice Latte is the theme of the drink.. SPICE!! The same spices you put in pumpkin pie.. which they use on top.. real pumpkin spice.. 

4. Starbucks does not use organic milk.. she is correct.. however start looking into the cost of dairy and milk and understand that organic is more expensive and everyone complains now about the cost of Starbucks... well how much do you think its going to be if they start serving organic milk?... again good business sense. I buy all organic products for my home and grow my own vegetables organically. What I can't grow I buy and I understand it does not make business sense for places like Starbucks to use all organic and natural ingredients. Yes lots of sugar in these drinks...Starbucks specialty drinks should be a treat not an everyday habit...

5. Vegans- well .. Starbucks never claimed to be vegan and if you are true vegan you won't use milk or cream in your coffee anyway.

6. Do a search on this woman and you will find some credible articles by Forbes and others discrediting Foodbabe.. she banks on her readers not doing their own research or understanding certain processes that are required to keep our food sanitary.

 I personally can't wait for the PSL to come out.. it reminds me of Fall. It puts me on the time line for my favorite things about the season such as the leaves changing, crisp cool air, and Thanksgiving. I am not going to let this Foodbabe character ruin it for me!