FoodBloggers are Brave and Brilliant!

I must say that I have a whole brand new respect for Food bloggers! As if I didn't have respect for them already, it's at a whole new level right now! 

I've been reading Ree's blog ever since I first found about it and I looked at her Tasty Kitchen blog. It's a beautiful blog, that allows her loyal fans and followers the opportunity to share what works in their kitchens. And I think that is a brilliant idea! Love it! I've never thought about trying any food blogging until I saw Blogher Food in Miami, via Blogher blog posts.  And I thought about giving it a whirl.

I wanted to join in the Tasty Kitchen community, but I wasn't sure that I had food or recipes that were good enough. I wanted to do things as best as I could. But, I took a chance, signed up and hoped that I would come up with a recipe at some point.  

So today, I made a dish that I have come to kind of rely on.  I call it, 'Relaxed Spaghetti'. What it is, when I use Bowtie or Rotoni pasta and add browned Ground Beef to the pasta. Then, I add Ketchup to it. And I mix it well. It's my way of having that flavor of Spaghetti and Meatballs, without all of the hard work.   

And I like the ease of pasta like this. It's much easier than actual Spaghetti, sometimes. I hope that the Tasty Kitchen community will like it and I hope that I will be able to come up with more recipes to share. 

The reason why I said that I have a whole other level of respect for Foodbloggers, is because it is not easy to create recipes and photograph the food, at a flattering angle. It might sound like it shouldn't be that difficult, oh, but it is. That's not easy. Here's another way to look at it. You don't come out as Ree, when you take pictures of your food, for the first time! It takes time and I will work on it. I love learning about the many facets of Blogging! And I can't wait to learn more. 



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