Foodie Friday - Thanksgiving & Black Friday!

It's Friday!! WOOHOO!!! Let the weekend begin. Okay, okay. A few hours of work - THEN the weekend can begin.


I really wanted today's Foodie Friday to be my mother's delicious Sin Pie that she makes every year for Thanksgiving. Apparently I am too busy enjoying it to get a good picture of it. I will change that this year.


So, since Thanksgiving is 3 weeks from yesterday, I thought we could do my favorite Thanksgiving foods straight from my favorite site - Pinterest.


Again, Pinterest is fantastic for all kinds of beautiful pictures, ideas, motivation, etc. If you want an invitation, please send me your email address and I will get you one.


And you know, if Thanksgiving is 3 weeks from yesterday, that means Black Friday is 3 weeks from today!


What's your favorite Thanksgiving food? Do you shop on Black Friday? How early do you start?


Happy Friday!!!