By day I work as a Food Product Developer for an awesome food company, where I’ve been working for the past 2 years after uni, meaning I get to come up with  exciting new flavours and food products whilst wearing a sexy hair net and lab coat…oooohhh nice. Not quite a cape and mask.

Luckily I’ve always been into cooking and fortunate enough to be encouraged my family and friends to cook and bake at every opportunity, which meant I made and decorated my neighbours wedding cake when I was 13. I believe this is down to strong genes, from both my Grandma and Nanny, who were fantastic bakers and had much more patience when it came to making sugar cake decorations then I do!

I have a passion for travelling and have been fortunate to go to some amazing places around the world and believe food and travel go hand in hand. Food is a great social tool, helps you learn of other cultures and history from it and believe it makes your cooking more diverse and you pick up some interesting cooking techniques along the way. The list of places I want to go to just keeps getting longer and longer though. I’ll try to include some recipes I’ve picked up along the way.

Hope you enjoy my blog, I’ve just found it a nice place to put my recipes and to be in contact with other like minded foodies.

Nerd On!