"foods that can prevent cancer"

.food and cancer


 food and cancerFoods that fight cancer
It is scientifically proven that there are some foods that fight cancer. Anti-cancer foods are those that manage to avoid the occurrence and help fight cancer because his ANTIOXIDANT power. Some examples of foods that fight cancer are:
natural grape juice, broccoli, oats, garlic,
tomato, acerola, fish, green tea,
pomegranate seed or flour, linseed oil, chicory, red onion, pepper, carrot.!!!!!



.food and cancer

Already food high in fat, sugars and carbohydrates such as bread, biscuits and fatty red meats are responsible for making the blood more acidic, ignite the cells and upset insulin and cholesterol, and therefore should be avoided.
A dish colored with healthy food and non-industrialized is the best solution for combating and preventing the various forms of cancer.............To be  continue by jellmayer


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