Football Players Leave Cash In An Unlocked Store

Football Players Leave Cash In An Unlocked Store Image from abcnews

I was watching the TODAY show this morning when the segment about the William Paterson University football players who left cash in an unlocked store for their purchases came on the program. I stopped what I was doing to watch the segment and see why everyone was cheering these young men.

Watch the video here:

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I was so happy that the TODAY show was featuring these young men and their honesty. This is a wonderful story of 4 football players who go to a convenience store to get a few items, enter the dark store, shop and go to the counter to pay. Not finding a clerk they pull out cash (Check it out! People are still using cash!) wave the money at the security camera and leave it on the counter. One young man even pulls change out of his pocket to be sure the entire bill is covered. It made me smile knowing that their mother (and father) would be so proud of what they were doing. I know I would want my child to do the same thing. That is a phone call every parent WANTS to get. One telling you that your child (no matter how old) has done good. No one wants to get the call that their child is in trouble, hurt or missing.

Here are 4 college kids who could have just walked in, taken anything in the darkened store and walked out but instead they did the honest thing and paid. They did good. They did what was right. They did what I hope we all would do in a similar situation.

Have you ever been in a similar situation and how did you handle it? Did you do the right thing the William Patterson football players did? Would you mother be proud?


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