Forced Creativity

I know what you're thinking: "Doesn't this chick have a life? I mean, hello, you have a kid and you're blogging again?!"

Hey, I have to pick my moments, and right now, he's watching some Wally Kazaam. Educational AND a little me time before the onslaught of "Let's read, mom," and "Let's play castle," "Let's play cars," "Let's do puzzles," "Let's {insert your kid's typical request here}."

I wanted to share something I've been trying to make time for:


Sounds simple enough, but to someone who is pretty OCD about things looking perfect and correct, this is no simple task.

I've decided to try to let it flow. We came back from our annual trip to Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains (if you've never been, definitely add to your bucket list), and I was inspired by the beauty of what God has created. Nature. The flowers are beautiful, yet so understated. They aren't the huge blooms that are typical of Hawaii. No. They are just what you would expect from the South. Sweet. Simple. Beautiful, but not screaming for attention. They just are. And I love them. They make you feel at home. They make you feel part of nature. Like your soul is an extension of them.


To get back to my point, I wanted to draw them. So, with phone in hand, I made sure I captured every little wildflower I passed. I didn't miss a single shot. They are magnificent. The problem I found, though: How many pictures of flowers can you actually hang in your house before people think you're nuts? So, I was thinking of how I can keep these beauties in focus without making a #fatheads poster of a field and plastering it to my house.

Enter fabric design.

I decided to doodle. I looked at my fantastic flower pictures and put them to paper. Just pencil and paper. The result is awesome! I can now create a fabric that will have pops of these simple pretties that I can design with and create anything I desire. Blanket. Quilt. Shorts. Pouches. Shirts. WHATEVER!

The best part of this? I've finally began to be able to let go and just create. And I have to say, it's a great feeling! It's nice to be less critical of my abilities and just allow creativity to flow.

I hope you can find your flow. Whatever it may be. Running. Drawing. Painting. Push ups. Plyos. Anything you find difficult but want to become better at.

Keep sweating and sewing.



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