What do women want in car quality? Tell Ford what you're looking for and enter to win a $100 gas card!

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Ford hosted 60 BlogHer bloggers at the Chicago Assembly Plant for a "What Women Want" Quality and Tech event. There, the women learned about how Ford is focused on delivering the highest quality cars. 

Read the posts below to find out what Ford and our bloggers learned at the "What Women Want" event. Then tell us what you look for in vehicle quality in the comments below and enter for a chance to win a $100 gas card.

Hear from our Ford expert: Sheryl Connelly, Ford's Futurist
"No one can predict the future, but that is exactly what Ford Motor Company strives to do when it begins development on new vehicles, technology and features that will take years to bring to market. Since we do not have a crystal ball, we look to social, technological, economic, environment and political arenas for insight into the future. As often times, these are the external forces that will shape consumers over time. Through the identification and monitoring of emerging global consumer trends, the Ford team is able to develop a better understanding of what consumers may want or need and how that will affect the types of vehicles they drive.

Many people were surprised to learn of the long lead time needed to develop feature technologies and actually bring a new vehicle to the market place. The few bloggers I spoke with that had ever given it any thought assumed that Ford basically built vehicles to its engineering and technological capabilities. But as they learned of the extraordinary measures Ford undertakes to provide consumer centric products that are designed to address their unmet needs, they began to rethink the brand entirely. Nine of the 10 bloggers seated at my table for the round table discussion agreed that Ford would not have previously been part of their consideration set, but this event changed their minds. Two were currently in the market shopping for vehicles and said they would drive a Ford before making any purchase decisions. Another said that she and her friends drove only high-end premium vehicles, and was shocked to find the features that Ford offered rivaled what she had come to expect only in much more expense brands."
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Here is the inside scoop from BlogHer Bloggers

Soapbox Mom said: "I kept an open mind about all the information the Ford crew conveyed to us. And they conveyed a lot of information. They dazzled us with their presentations about sustainability, quality, manufacturing processes and technology.  As the minutes ticked by, I grew more and more impressed by the innovations and attention to detail. In particular, I loved the Blind Spot Information Mirror, adaptive cruise control, SYNC, MyKey and more. Then we went inside to hear about the work that Ford puts in to designing the interiors of their vehicles. Amazing information. I had no idea. Zen inspired cup holders (?!), seats that massage backs and rumps (not to relax, rather, to invigorate!!) and design input from Vera Wang, Michael Graves and others.  I was actually beginning to feel excited."
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Dawn Meehan said:  "When I went to the Ford plant, I was amazed to see that a lot of your brilliant ideas are already being implemented in Fords now! For example:  You said you'd like to see a vehicle with a fridge since you spend so much time in your car. The Ford Flex has that option! 

Yes, you can get a little refrigerated compartment in the vehicle! How cool is that? No more sippy cups left out in the sun until the milk turns to cottage cheese!"
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Headless Mom said:  "Some other things I'd like to mention:
• On most models I noticed that there were controls for the gas and brake pedals. Great for either short or tall people.
• The MyKey System is cool for families of teens. It is programmed (by you) to only go up to 80 miles an hour, have a top volume on the radio, remind all passengers to buckle up, remind the driver when fuel is getting low, and gives speed warnings, among other things. All issues that we worry about when our teens get behind the wheel solo! (MyKey video here. My friend Jenn is in this one!)
• Easy interior door clean-up. (Looks and feels like leather. Seriously. But it wipes clean!)
• The quality of the controls on the dash was nice. Not like the cheap plastic of some other cars. The feel was far superior."
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Now, for your chance to win this week's $100 gas gift card, tell us what you look for in vehicle quality in the comment section below. One winner will be randomly selected from all eligible entries.

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