Forever Hand In Hand: A Couple Dies Holding Hands

I could not imagine a better way to leave this temporary home here on earth.

Something just struck a heart-string when I read a story this morning about a couple that passed on while holding hands.  The couple, Gordon and Norma Yeager of Iowa, had been married for 72 years.  That alone is something that you don’t see every day.  Norma, 90, and Gordon, 94, had recently been in an automobile accident that had landed them both in the Intensive Care Unit at a hospital.  The only good thing about their location was that they shared a room and their beds were side by side.  I’m guessing they wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

According to the article I read on Gordon’s breathing stopped at 3:38 pm last Wednesday.  However, his heart monitor was still registering a beat.  Turns out Gordon’s heart monitor was still beeping because his loving wife Norma was still holding his hand.  Her heartbeat was beating through his body until she passed away exactly one hour later at 4:38 pm.  I’m certain if I could have asked Gordon he would have told me long before that day that she had a heart big enough for both of them.

Although this world has lost Gordon and Norma my heart is so full it feels as though it could burst.  It is an amazing love that we can share with one another on this earth.  I’m blessed to have read that story and I hope you are blessed by me passing it on.  I may not leave this world holding my husband’s hand.  Nevertheless, I pray that I can keep and surpass every promise I made to him on our wedding day just as a young 18 year old Norma did for her 22 year old Husband Gordon 72 years ago.


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