Forget About Brains: You Need Sex Appeal to Get Ahead!

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Back in the go-go 80s, I worked at a business magazine where 90 percent of the staff writers and editors were male. It was a fun job, in part because I was forced to learn about finance and leveraged buyouts and other arcane topics I knew nothing about. I also got to interview tough female executives like Jackie Autry, a banker married to Gene Autry. (She routinely carried a gun in her purse.) But it was also memorable because the guys I worked with were professional. They knew I could report and write the pants off of them, so there was none of that ass-grabbing or breast-ogling or lewd remarks. At the same time, it never would have occurred to me to use my sex to get ahead. But apparently I’ve been doing it all wrong—or so asserts British academic Catherine Hakim in her breathless new book. But Womaneer, for one, isn’t buying it.

She writes:

Does dressing sexily take women further in their careers? Does flaunting the flesh and flirting with the influential men guarantee you riches and promotions? Is your sex appeal the key to power?

It is, according to the new book by LSE academic Catherine Hakim, Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital. The sociologist says that those who have ‘erotic capital’ – defined as having beauty, social skills, good dress sense, liveliness, sex appeal and sexual competence – should invest it in their careers and will receive a great return.

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