Forget About It Sometimes

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The time that gets wasted is the time you don't spend in each moment, experiencing and appreciating it for what it is

Admit it! You're addicted to your cell phone, Ipad or whatever other electronic gadget you have. You carry it everywhere. You may even feel lost without it. And being that we are deep in the age of social media, some of us tend to share EVERYTHING all the time! Let's just be real and say some people can even be a bit obsessive. They share what they had for breakfast, for lunch, the store they are in, what's for dinner, when they are at the park, at a friend's house. You name it and I'm sure you have seen numerous posts about it as you scroll through social media.

I'm guilty. There have been times in the past where I shared much more than I really needed to, from lunch to checking in at Macy's. But I have slowed it down because I have come to realize one thing: while we are so busy or concerned about sharing where we are, what we are doing and who we are with all the time, we forget to actually cherish the moment. To each their own though, it's your prerogative to share whatever it is you want, but have your ever stopped to think that in that very moment of (over) sharing, you forget to thoroughly enjoy the moment? After you have (over) shared, you check your phone to see if anyone has liked you status or picture or see if anyone has made a comment. You are so concerned about your post(s), you forget to savor the moment you are in and to enjoy the company you may have.

Take for example Crystal and Scott. They are out on a date. Instead of having a conversation with each other, they both have their cell phones out scrolling through social media sites. Crystal takes pictures of the appetizers, the drinks and the meal and post them on every social media site she is on. While Scott is commenting on random posts on Instagram, posting pictures of where he is on Facebook and tweeting about what he is doing at that very moment. Crystal and Scott forget about the fact they are actually out together. They are sitting across from each other, but they are not enjoying each other. They are not savoring the moment and enjoying the quality time they are supposed to be having. They are so engrossed in social media and (over) sharing, that they neglect each other right at the same damn table! Shame! But that's what our cell phones and other gadgets have turned certain situations into. It is as if we feel the need to share simply because Facebook asks us what’s on our mind.

We have forgotten to cherish the moments. We have forgotten how to sit down and have an actual conversation. We have forgotten how to enjoy each others company without posting EVERYTHING on social media. What we have done is over shared. We have placed way too much importance on showing others what we are doing, where we are and who we are with. What we have done is become so engulfed in social media that we ignore the person or individuals right in front of us.

Don't get me wrong, social media is great but do we really need to (over) share everything we are doing all the time?

It's time to get back to enjoying each other and savoring moments without feeling the need to over share on social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr and all that will still be there after the movie, after the date, after church, after dinner. Keep in mind that while you are so concerned about sharing online, one thing is for sure life is happening right outside of your screen.

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