Forget Every 'Mad Men' Conspiracy Theory You've Ever Read

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I think this way of viewing is truer to the intent of Mad Men, anyway. We don't need to analyze foreshadowing because we can count on the same answer, every time, because we have been repeatedly told that Mad Men is a wheel. Circle back to where the true longing is, that's what Matthew Weiner invariably says. We can count on Don to circle back to Dick Whitman and to the work of reinvention, to the necessary action of perpetually burning through complexities only to end up at simple beginnings. The same pangs, the same longings and addictions, the same home. The inevitability of the need to do the work, again.

Mad Man viewers love complex conspiracy theories, but the show always answers big questions with simple nouns. Wheels. House. Milk. Candy. The body: hot teeth, broken noses, missing feet and torn nipples. Planes. Trains. Cars. Mom. A small boy's vocabulary, really. Two more episodes, then one more half-season, but we can watch Season 1 and see it all very well defined for us.Mad Men is not about conspiracies, it's about us. "Round and around and then back home again, to a place where we know we are loved." Daddy is back at work, and Mad Men is getting ready to take us home again. I'm pretty happy about where it's headed.


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