Forget the Falling Birds and Floods, America's REAL Problem??? "LAZYWEAR"!

Remember those old black and white movies where the men dressed up in a full 3-piece suit complete with hats...just to go for a cup of coffee?  The women would wear dresses and have their hair done and always look "pulled together" no matter if they were grocery shopping, or running the vacuum cleaner at home.  Those days are long gone.  In fact, the shock of seeing someone wearing their pajamas to the grocery store doesn't seem to faze anyone anymore.  What happened?  When did we decide to let ourselves go?

I was at home this morning putting the dishes away while my daughter was watching television.  On a popular kid's network, I happened to hear a commercial boasting the product "Pajama Jeans... Pajamas To Live In, Jeans To Sleep In." 

Pajama. Jeans.  Pajamajeans. PAJAMAJEANS????!!!! 

I thought it was a joke, so I quickly ran to my computer to look it up, and lo and behold:  they are real.  These jeans claim to be so comfortable, you think you are wearing your pajamas all day.  Gross!  Pajamas all day?  It's one thing when you are sick and are in bed, but really?  Is it that hard to pull an outfit together without resorting to clothes made like toddler's clothes?

My horror grew even more as I scrolled down and found the "Mother" of all embarrassment:  the "Forever Lazy Pajama Suit".  No lie.  Here's the link:
This is the *perfect* solution for people too lazy to wear normal pajamas, or think using the "Snuggie" is too much work.  When dressing my little girl when she was a baby with her little fuzzy sleepers, I used to think, "Wow, this is so cozy.  I wish I could wear one."  But I didn't seriously mean it.  But someone said it out loud and said..."Brilliant!  Now everyone can dress like an adult-toddler!"  And you know what??  They are laughing all the way to the bank.  Guaranteed.

When I was little, I always remembered my mother telling me to dress nice first thing in the morning.  Make sure my hair was brushed, my clothes were clean, and brushed my teeth.  That was when I was five years old.  She told me how important it is to take care of yourself and dress like you take care of yourself because you are a walking example.

She was so right.  Once you let go, your work gets sloppy, you are tired all of the time, and getting "dressed up" is such a big deal, that you would rather stay home in your sweatpants and watch television with a t.v. dinner planted on your lap than deal with it all.  Obesity is at an all time high they say.  Gee- I wonder why?  Maybe if people took a little pride in themselves and paid a little attention to how they were presenting themselves, it might be different.  Notice how you feel when you dress up.  I don't even mean in a suit or a dress.  Just normal nice looking clothes.  You will notice you stand straighter, get errands done because you are dressed for it, you will watch what you are eating.  (That one is weird, but true.)  When you take pride in yourself and actually "try", it shows.

Lazywear is just one example of what happens when people give up on themselves.  We all don't have to be fashionistas or vain, but please, PLEASE put on a pair of regular pants (or regular jeans) and stop this already.  Save the onesies for the babies.


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