"Forget the gun, taken the frozen hot chocolate!" - Experiencing NYC food in 3 days

Frozen Hot Chocolate



"Everyone needs their quintessential New York City experience", is what I told my traveling compatriot, Alicia, after just arriving in NYC, literally tossing her in a cab while yelling to the driver, "Take her to the Hilton New York, pronto, amigo!"

It may or may not have been Alicia's first real trip to downtown NYC. I may or may not have felt like a bad friend after throwing her into said cab, bags and all, and see her drive off while watching me through the back window, a look of near abject horror on her face.

Ok, maybe it wasn't that dramatic but this working girl had to catch the LIRR to Stony Brook and I had 15 minutes to get to Penn Station.

"Bye Alicia! Have a nice life!"

Just so you know, I received a text from her not 10 minutes later saying she was fine and dandy in her hotel room. See, I'm not that bad of a friend. Right, Alicia? Right? Hello?

So why am I telling you this story that doesn't have one calorie of food tale in it? Well, because what I told Alicia was the foundation for our most awesome trip to the Big Apple and in almost every way possible, foodie included, we had the quintessential New York City experience.

To read about what our NYC experience was all about, visit:http://blackberryfoodblog.weebly.com/new-york-ny.html

Happy eating!


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