Forget the Resolutions List! It's Time for Your Leave Behind List for 2013

It's officially time to start making a list of the things you'd like to leave behind in 2013!

A few years ago, my husband and I adopted a very helpful year-end tradition that has proven to be both effective and fun.

For us, and other folks that aren't fans of a new years resolution list, making a list of the things we'd like to leave behind from 2013 allows us to create space for the things we really want to have in our lives in the New Year.

We usually start our lists over the Thanksgiving Day weekend and then add to them up until New Year's Eve. We're a little late getting our lists started this year, but there's still plenty of time!

Burn your leave behind list in a bonfire this year!One note to the newbies, be sure you can print your leave behind list, and then late on Dec 31st, say a little "goodbye" to your entire list and do something dramatic with it like burn it in your fireplace, flush it down the toilet, tear it up and bury it in the sand at the beach or in the dirt in the woods or somewhere other than your backyard (it'll still be "around" if you do that).

And in case you need an example, I've decided to share some things from mine below.

Some of my "left behinds" from prior lists:

Feeling obligated to do things that I just don't feel 100% good or positive about

Driving instead of riding my bike to do local errands

Vampires ("...people that feed on negativity, on shooting down ideas and most of all, on extinguishing your desire to make things better." For more on this see Seth Godin's recent post.)

Buying things that we can easily just borrow from others

My sweet tooth

Hit and runs (read more about this in my book)

Hope these give you a sense of some things that might be worth leaving behind and you consider giving a list like this a try for 2013. :-)

Wishing you a very happy 2014!Enjoy the holidays and here's to a very HAPPY 2014!

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Sandy Jones-Kaminski




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