Forget Something? Last-Minute Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

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It's okay, I've done it too. Life gets busy and before you know it Halloween is upon you and you haven't a thing to wear. Don't worry! Pop culture history holds a plethora of great quickie costume ideas and I'm here to help you dig through it. Below? Eight costumes you can pull together in no time at all.

There's Something About Mary: © 1998 Twentieth Century Fox

Got a red v-neck and some hair spray? You've got a costume. I accomplished this look (way back on Halloween '99) by using an extreme amount of hair gel and aqua net. Or you could just use Mary's method...


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DEVO viaSweet Nothings

Grab a yellow sweatsuit (or a painters jump suit from your local hardware store) and "Whip It" right up in to your very own DIY Devo costume. Meredith from Sweet Nothings even has detailed instructions on how to make that fab multi-tiered hat.

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True Romance: © 1993 - Warner Bros.

My husband I did this True Romance couples costume liquid-style in 2005. What's a liquid costume, you ask? I started the evening channeling Alabama Worley in a minidress and leopard coat, and ended it in printed jeans and a sheer crop top with my face and chest covered in blood. It made for an awesome costume, but a really creepy romp in the sack.


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The Royal Tenenbaums © 2001 - Touchstone Pictures

For the gentlemen, Luke Wilson's Richie Tenenbaum costume is easy to imitate. You can even go full tennis gear if you don't have the camel suit at your disposal. Looking for a matching lady costume? Throw on a fur coat, and go as Richie's beloved sister Margot.

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Real Housewives of New Jersey: Courtesy of Bravo

A no brainer. Black wig, low cut technicolor skin tight outfit, and bare-chested man in a suit with gold chains gets you instant Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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The Hunger Games: Courtesy of Lions Gate

Okay, so it's not the most creative costume ever to be inspired by pop culture,but there's no question you can pull together some killer Katniss duds in a snap.

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image courtesy of

It's too late order, but that doesn't mean you can't imitate the greatness of everyone's favorite (sexy) fowl with some tissue paper and googly eyes.

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Image courtesy of Tiffany Ricci

C'mon. You knew it was coming. The greatest costume to come out of the 2012 Presidential Election: BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN. Cut up a couple of boxes, decorate, and be the punniest guest at this year's Halloween party.



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