Forgiving Flat Bread

Have you ever noticed that when someone offends you, every conversation, every encounter with that person, is skewed? They walk by and say, “Hi” but you are certain the inflection in their voice was really saying,“@#*&#%!” That person drops a document off at your desk and you are SURE they only came by to spy on you! Yet in most cases, that person never even knows you’re upset with them.

When you finally let go of your offense, all those little incidents you had built up in your mind seem like no big deal. Probably because they weren’t!

I consider myself a pretty forgiving person. I have a vast array of quirky friends and family members (love you guys) and generally put up with all sorts of shenanigans. They may do things I disagree with, but I can usually lay those things aside as “our differences” and move forward. Yet there is one thing I cannot put up with, and that is someone hurting a loved-one.

(Hand crafted cutting board from Asheville’s Wooden Bowl Store.)

There is a particular person that hurt one of my family members years ago that I STILL have a hard time forgiving. I tell myself I have forgiven him, but really I just shove the hurt aside and try not to think about it. Every time that person crosses my mind a deep fiery anger rises inside of me. Every time I meet someone that reminds me of that person, I want to start swinging fists.

This is a problem, not only for me, but for the poor unfortunate soul that walks into my world and happens to resemble the old foe.

A good friend recently made a profound statement that made me realize I needed to deal with this once-and-for-all. He said, “Holding onto offense is like taking poison and waiting for someone else to die.” I may have every right to be angry with that person, but it doesn’t hurt anyone but MYSELF to hold on to it!

In order to deal with something you HAVE to think about it. Then you process, scream, pray, cry, and resolve to move on. Real forgiveness is something you do again and again…and every time it becomes a little more true.

Now, I know that has nothing to do with Veggie Flat Bread. *smile* I just felt like maybe someone needed to read this today, but I hate to leave things disjointed.

So I’ll try to turn this into an analogy if you’d like. Ahem…

“Forgiveness is like Veggie Flat Bread because it’s FILLED with pleasant surprises.”

“An offended woman is a Veggie Flat Bread with no yeast; it may be pretty on the outside but it will never RISE to it’s full potential.”

“LAYER your Veggie Flat Bread like you offer forgiveness, with intentional delicacy and repetition!”

How was that???

That’s definitely how I would suggest you address this flat bread, with repetition and delicacy. This easy recipe is quick to put together and such a show-stopper! It’s perfect for a party, brunch, or to accompany a fresh green salad. Simply roll, spread, fold, spread, and top with veggies.

It’s easy on the eyes and a treat for the taste buds!

 Roasted Veggie and Goat Cheese Flat Bread Recipe