Forgot Your Bags? Try No Bags.

By Melinda


I just figured it out today.  I went to the store and forgot my cloth grocery bags.  Luckily I had bought only a medium size load of groceries.  What to do?  Normally, I make myself buy another cloth bag instead of letting the bagger bag it in paper or plastic, but today I tried something different.  I said, "No bags please..." And guess what happened?  Nobody gave me funny looks.  No one pressed me to put it into a bag (of course, I was at New Leaf Community Market). The bagger simply placed all my items back into my shopping cart.  I was pleased.  I pushed the cart out to my car and loaded up the trunk a few items at a time.  Hey, this was really easy!  In no time at all, my trunk was loaded.  When I got home I went in the house first and grabbed the cloth bags that I forgot and took them out to the car.  I easily loaded everything into the bags and brought everything in the house.  No sweat.  Not much extra work at all! 


This experience made me think that I was really locked into a mindset of using bags in a certain order.  But, this made me realize...we don't really need bags at the store, we need them in the car or at home the most!   In fact, I have heard this complaint about ‘bring your own bags:  "I forgot my bags in the car and did not realize it until I was checking out."  Well, don't worry.   Ask for no bags and take it all to your car in the cart!  Then load your groceries into bags when you get to the car.  Sounds like a pain, but it is really much easier than it sounds.   This works great especially if you have a small to medium size load of groceries.  Has anyone done this already?  How does it work for you?

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