A Forgotten War: A Place called Vietnam

My father served in the U.S. Army 24 years. He served in two wars. Vietnam and Desert Storm. But March 29th is Vietnam Veterans Day. I am currently working on my second book based on events he was witness too during his time in Vietnam. Today has special meaning for himand the members of his unit. There was a ground attack in Vietnam on this day, 14 U.S. KIA and 53 U.S. WIA . My father talks of a specfic young man SP5 Michael Blondin was killed this day 44 years ago. Vietnam Vets have been forgotten and not welcomed home back in the 70s when the war was over. Even when the Vietnam Wall was built in the Washington D.C. area still people did not give them the time of day. My father made a career of the military and loved every minute of his time. Now at 65 years old he can not help wonder why he still overlooked for his sacrfices. He is happy our current veterans are being taken care of but as they too grow older will our society forget them as they have our veterans of pass wars? Today, thank a veteran and do something in honor of those who lost their lives. I never knew Mr. Blondin. I have heard many a great story and the times in Vietnam. I hope one day someone knows he was and continues to keep his memory alive. For now, I will continue to talk about this forgotten war.  Thank You Dad for teaching me the costs of war.



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