Fork in the Road

I wistfully look at the life of single and childless people all of the time, as you well know by now. The grass, as they say, is always greener.  It's not just on television, through commercials like the one I described yesterday.  More pointed, in fact, is the glimpse I get into my friends' lives through Facebook and the like. So many of my childless friends seem to be having a ball, every single day.  I love living vicariously through them. But I know, for sure, that's as far as I want to go.  I'm happy here, for now, in my living room, watching my babies.  There is nothing in a foreign country, or across the states, or in that bar down the street that could possibly mean anything to me at this particular point in my life.  Even if I did get out and live fancy free for a night or two, it wouldn't be fancy or free.  It would be a night spent missing my children and worrying about them.

I'm a total stick in the mud.

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