Form Over Function: Table vs Bench

Table or Bench?

It's not tricky, I'm not curing brain cancer or building a rocket however, I've been racking my brain to figure out what to do....

As I mentioned in a previous post my entryway just opens up to the family room. Even with a face-lift on that room, I would prefer to have an area for entering, removing coats and shoes/boots/crocs/Keens, putting away backpacks, dog leashes etc. to still be a welcoming and pleasant place as you enter our home. 

So I installed my hanging room divider via another no-sew curtain project



So now do I place a nice console table in front of the curtain? Such as ... 






Aesthetically I prefer a console table to create the entryway I want. However, I'm thinking a bench might be a wiser and more functionally appropriate use of the space. With three children putting on and taking off shoes constantly at the front door... they usually use the stairs to sit on. That's a problem when you have your arms full of stuff when entering the door and trying to get upstairs with a child sitting in your way with all their stuff. 



Therefore, I'm thinking a bench might ameliorate that problem. 

Perhaps I could build a bench.



Perhaps I could purchase this David West bench off craigslist? I could stain it the same color as the stairs I just completed. 





What should I do? What should I do? 

I'll let you know what I decide as I think this week I'll pull the trigger on this project. 

Now I'm off to Home Depot... thinking about a back porch project therefore I'm in need of supplies. 

Take care now,









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