Forums not for me?

Recently I have been forced to examine my online social networking habits. When I became pregnant with my first child, I felt so unsure, and lost. About to embark on a surprise journey into the great unknown, I read books, I searched online, and did what I do best. I googled. This brought me to an online forum, full of soon to be moms, just like me.

We all came in different shapes and sizes. Some rich, some poor, from all over America, and many from other countries. We shared talks of heartburn, our growing bellies, and hormones, among many other good, bad and ugly topics. I had friends, I made enemies. It was an interesting social circle, if nothing else.

But as time marches on, we had our babies; we had drama, losses, squabbles, and experiences good & bad. And sadly, we had liars and fabricators. Come to find out people aren't always who they claim to be.

Shocked? Me neither. But I guess the more I thought about it, the more stupid I feel. Why? Well, because I actually trust some of these women.

I won't say that I did not make true friends, because I did; in fact, some of the best. But on the other hand, I sit back, pat these people on the back, as they whine about miserable lives that they do nothing to change. This makes me just as obnoxious as they are I suppose. So, if being a part of a forum means supporting women even when they are ignorant, rude, catty, & whiny, I guess I don't want any part of it.

Thus begins my journey into writing more, and reminding myself what good people really are. And honestly, I feel blessed to have many of those people in my life. So as I say my farewells to these women, and embark on a new course, I feel blessed. I feel reminded that I have everything I need, right here in the real world.


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