Fostering and Encouraging Individuality in Twins

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[Editor's Note: I want my sons to grow up to be unique, awesome individuals who don't feel pressure to be like anyone else. I think most parents have this desire for their children, but parents of multiples face this challenge in different ways than singleton parents. It's a Crazy Beautiful Life recently tackled the topic of fostering individuality in twins and the challenges that are inherent with such a big task. -Jenna]

On Fostering Individuality in Twins:

twinsI have been thinking a lot lately about how to encourage Addison and Mackenzie's sense of individuality. The issue seems to be one that most twin parents think about at one time or another, whether their twins are fraternal or identical, but as a mom of identical girls, it is especially important to me that they are not always seen as "the twins" or treated like a carbon copy of one another.

There is a book we read often at bedtime, Just in Case You Ever Wonder, that tells a child how special they are and how their parents and God will always love them and take care of them. There is a passage that says something like this...

If you looked all over the world, in every home, there would be no one like you. No one with your eyes, no one with your mouth, no one with your laugh...

It's always at this part that I wonder when one of the girls will begin to realize that someone does have her eyes, nose, and mouth? I put emphasis on the "laugh" part, because that's one very distinct feature between the girls.

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