Four DIY Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Business

Marketing your business is not an easy task, but it's a necessary one. Whether you're running a jewelry site on Etsy or running an accounting business, we've got a few DIY marketing suggestions. Ladies, these ideas are fairly basic and won't eat up a ton of time. Of course, social media marketing is growing like wildfire, so you'll notice several of the suggestions incorporate those sites. Others are additions to your already existing business platforms.


Check out these four ways to boost your company's business:


Yelp it up

If you've been to, you know all about feedback frenzy. Your customers can jump on the site and leave comments about your product or service. Small businesses with a presence on online review sites like Yelp are performing better than those that are not on Yelp, says ReviewTrackers.


It gets a lot of use. In fact, a lot of people search the site before making a purchase. "With over 70 percent of consumer searches on the internet for local businesses, you can be sure that your business will receive some local traffic as a direct result from being active on Yelp," Digital Sherpa writes.


Utilize check-in feature on Facebook

If you're using Facebook, but don’t have a way for customers to check in, you're missing out on one of the best features the site offers. When a customer checks in on Facebook, they tell all their friends that they're at your place of business. It's like a mini advertisement and a way to keep your business top of mind. If you want to set up this feature, Facebook offers easy instructions. You need an account and you must enable the map feature.


Make a corporate video

The online world isn't all about content; it's about visuals as well. To attract more customers to your site, consider making corporate marketing videos. By having a welcome video on your site you associate a friendly face with your business. You can also do videos that offer insight into the company as a visual "About Us" section. If your site has an online shopping component, consider making a how-to video to help customers put items in the shopping cart.


Set up a Pinterest account

If you have a visual business, you need a Pinterest site. This site is all about stunning images. You can "pin" pictures of your products on virtual corkboards and entice customers to check out your company. An increasing number of people are turning to Pinterest as a search engine. Rather than searching for "home remodeling ideas" in Google, more people are popping their search words into Pinterest for visual inspiration.


Of course, if you need a little marketing help, it doesn't hurt to call in an expert. Even if you bring in a consultant to help you get started, the pay off could be huge.


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