Four Fall Fashion Trends

It's nearly Labor Day and, at my house, we are gearing up for fall. It might be warm out but I'm flipping through magazines, scanning my favorite retail sites, and gazing longingly at sweaters and coats.
With autumn around the corner there are four fashion trends I keep seeing everywhere I look:



Mad men


Of course, camel colored (or camel's hair) clothing/coats never really go out of style, but this year they are everywhere from jackets to shoes. If you feel like breaking the bank in a big way, I'd head to Net-A-Porter for super luxurious goods. Have less to spend? Hit the JCrew site where camel comes in many shapes and styles.


For a distinct group of women a minimal look is always in fashion too. But this year there is a trend toward it. Think the opposite of the embellished JCrew tees that have been tremendously popular in the last few years. Calvin Klein is the undisputed king of minimalism. Try Ann Taylor too, for a superb collection of dresses with clean lines.

ann taylor

Mad Men has provided us with the hottest trend for fall - retro skirts and suits, cuts and lengths, and even color palettes. You could certainly shop vintage places for full skirts and shirtwaist dresses but I think Shabby Apple has the best contemporary clothing with a vintage feel. Their Manhattan line screams Mad Men, their prices are amazing and their clohes are known for fitting a multitude of shapes.

Finally, this fall, why not amp the glamour, just a little? I'm not talking about outfits - I'm talking about accessories. "Statement Jewelry" is all the rage and available everywhere at every price point. A "Gem Cuff" bracelet would look great with a tee shirt and jeans. Old Navy has cocktail rings to die for! There's nothing like a little bling to brighten up an outfit. Don't forget a terrific vintage brooch for your sweater! Cool weather is coming and we all want to look as fashionable as we can!



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