The Four Quadruplets

There’s my BBFF (Jules), my sister BFF (Terri) and then there are the Four Quadruplets, my BFF’s and sisters. And yes, it’s redundant. We were named by my nephew Fabian when he was but a mere child (about the same time he asked his mother if Auntie Evy was white. Occasionally, I am.)

Katheryn and I met in 1969 at UCLA’s Hedrick Hall, where we were next door neighbors. Karen is her biological sister (Uh huh, Un Goo Wow, Pedro’s got the Power!). And in the early days of Katheryn’s teaching career, she taught Jaleesa’s number two son. And The Four Quadruplets were formed.

We’ve shared the usual joys and frustrations of friendship and life; marriage, children, singlehood and child-freeness, jobs and lack-there-of, moves and for me anyway, more moves. We represent four of the most vibrant centers of American life; New York, DC, LA and San Francisco.

And here’s our insight into managing our sisterhood from afar; since 2002, every other week, we have our conference call. Using Free Conference Call (you pay toll if you don’t have an unlimited plan), we dial in at 9 am PST/12 pm EST. For one hour, it’s as if we are sitting around the table at our favorite cantina with salty margaritas. Topics include politics (yeah, Barry Obama), sports (Laker Focus), fashion (Kath’s free pair of pants at Macy’s), home repairs (beach house dry rot), parties (Fred and Audrey’s annual anniversary open house), kids (Alexandra college choices), work (all of ours)…you name it, we talk about it.


For one hour every other week, we are transported to a collective chat fest, removed from the mundane. Next on our list; getting Google Talk, so we can do this “face-to-face”.

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