Four "Sister's" Adventures in Terry McMillan's Getting to Happy

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Do you remember that TV show from the early nineties called Sisters? It was a prime-time drama about four sisters and their various life experiences including flashbacks, romantic endeavors, and family relationship struggles. Sela Ward became one of my most favorite actresses thanks to that show but that's beside the point. Anyway, for the past few days I've been reading Terry McMilla's latest book Getting to Happy and it reminds me so much of Sisters.

It's a story about the four women from Waiting to Exhale and how they're figuring their lives out now. Most of them found love and then lost it and are trying to get it back now. I’ve read a couple of McMillan’s other novels and I’m still of the opinion that her writing is entertaining, funny, and believable. Getting to Happy is no exception. I truly felt like these characters could be real people and that perhaps their relationship quandaries were real struggles that everyday people go through. I found myself rooting for good things to happen to these girls like they were my own friends.

My biggest complaint about the story is the way that the novel seems to portray divorce as such a commonality today and while I won't argue that it is realistic to think that people get divorced a lot more today than they used to, I don't agree that most people should get divorced in order to be happy. It seemed to me that was one of McMillan's messages throughout this book. The characters that “found happiness" didn’t have to get a divorce in order to be happy.

Still, I’m glad they found it. Doesn’t everyone love a book with happy ending? I just wish she’d given the girls female versions of traditionally male names, but that would be kinda hard for a sequel wouldn’t it? I guess she’s off the hook on that one.

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