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I'm tired of Winter but I've come up with four great things to do (each under $40) to brighten my spirits and put some Spring in my step!

I'd love to write about the wedge sandals I'm contemplating (and maybe I will next month) but I feel like it's too early. Here we are in the beginning of March and I'm starting to dream of being sock-less whist wearing linen! And though I'm thinking about wedge sandals I'm also penny-pinching in an attempt to purchase a couple of new things for spring. I'm bringing my lunch to work and walking instead of taking a cab and trying not to make impulse buys in the supermarket. So, here are my four little splurges under $40, that are guaranteed to perk you up as we wait for Spring:

shoe repairPamper your shoes. Is there one pair of shoes or boots you've been wearing heavily this winter? I've been wearing my black ankle boots at least three times a week (when it's not snowing) and they looked it. For $27 I had the down-at-the-heel heels replaced and got them professionally shined too. They look and feel like new!


Get a new 'do. Have your hair professionally styled. I'm not talking about a cut -- I'm talking about having your stylist blow your hair straight for you, or do an updo...or a blow-out. It's not terribly expensive and you'll feel like a million bucks. Afterwards get yourself invited to a dinner party or have a couple of friends over to your house! Even pot-luck feels fancier when you're having a great hair day.

maniBaby your nails. I'm pretty sure it's far less than $40 to have a manicure -- in fact, in some places you can get a manicure and a pedicure for about $40. So go get one! I had a manicure last week ($15) and chose a taupe-y gray color that matches everything I wear. My dry, cold hands and cracked, torn cuticles felt warm and looked so much better after -- I couldn't stop looking at my nails. Sweep a second layer of topcoat on your nails when you get home and your mani will last a week.

Visit your tailor. I'll bet you have a pair of pants or a skirt that could look like new with some professional tailoring skills. I have a skirt that really should be a couple of inches shorter and I know it's only $15 to have it hemmed. I'll wear it more if it looks better on me and putting it into wardrobe circulation for $15 is a lot cheaper than buying a new skirt. Many dry cleaners have a tailor sitting in the store, so you'll only need to make one stop.

Hang in there, friends, Spring is on the the meantime, treat yourself to a little something to make the end of Winter pass more quickly.

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