4 Ways to Sneak Vegetables Into Macaroni and Cheese

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Here are four ways to sneak in vegetables to macaroni and cheese.

1. Broccoli

Boil broccoli with macaroni noodles. Pieces from the broccoli will break up in the water and cling to the noodles without your picky eater noticing. If asked, say they are green pepper flakes!

Mac and Cheese With Broccoli
Image: Courtesy of Autumn Rennie

2. Baby Peas/Diced Veggies

Boil baby peas or finely chop any other vegetables you have on hand with the noodles. They are so tiny that little hands are bound to catch some in their grasp during a feeding frenzy.

3. Shredded Carrots

If you shred or grate the carrots, they will be disguised as noodles or stick to them. The bags of preshredded carrots are usually longer and thicker than what I get from my home shredder. We use these carrots the most and add them to the standard Kraft Macaroni and Cheese mix with some extra cheese added in.

4. Pureed Carrots/Squash

Add pureed carrots to the cheese sauce. Carrots are naturally sweet and will only flavor and color the cheese sauce mildly. Squash puree also works well. Sometimes we use a carrot puree in place
of ketchup as a dipping sauce without the kids catching on to the subterfuge.

Autumn Rennie

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