Fourth of July Fruit Salad Blends Greek Yogurt, Coconut and Nuts

What's for dessert on Fourth of July? We suggest a fresh fruit salad mixed with high protein low carb Greek yogurt. Add healthy fats in the form of almonds and coconut, and you've got a firecracker food!

Wash fruit thoroughly, cut into chunks, and peel/core as needed. Prepare enough to allow for 1/2 cup fresh fruit for each guest. In a small bowl, combine yogurt, cinnamon, ginger, and maple syrup. Blend thoroughly. Depending on the brand of yogurt, you may need to mix in more maple syrup for a "salad dressing" type of consistency.

Arrange fresh fruit in a serving bowl, and pour yogurt dressing over the fruit. (Note: if you have excess salad dressing, it keeps well for a few days if refrigerated in a covered dish). Sprinkle blanched almonds and coconut over fruit salad. Refrigerate until serving time.



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