Fox Sports Takes Cheap Shot at Asian USC Students

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[Editor's Note: Fox Sports' Bob Oschack seems to be getting his ideas from UCLA girls on YouTube, making fun of Asian students at USC by asking asking them to give an "All American" welcome to Utah and Colorado, the newest members of college football's PAC-10.

Fox has since pulled the video, but not before it sparked outrage on the Internet, including this post by Whit on Autostraddle. --Grace]

This isn’t funny. It never was funny. And the reason behind this? The other-ing of Asian/Americans through appearance, English-speaking ability and accent-related condescension by a privileged majority has been going on for years. Oschack finds irony (and lowbrow humor) in Asian ESL students delivering an “American” greeting from USC — because they don’t know anything about American football, don’t speak English “correctly” and have accents that are supposedly impenetrable to the average white guy (i.e. Oschack).

Using this kind of humor to humiliate these Asian students, Oschack is really saying that modern American-ness is singularly comprised of speaking English, being white, having a Midwestern accent and knowing football inside and out. Seriously? It’s 2011.

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