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We always try to provide for our family the healthiest lifestyle possible -- at home, in the office and in school. But what about the car? Many will be surprised to know that the air inside our car can be six time dirtier than the air outside!

FRAM Fresh Breeze® cabin air filters ensure a cleaner environment in the car for your families. It is easy to install! It also filters 98% of dust, dirt and allergens and are the only cabin air filters that use ARM&HAMMER® baking soda to remove odors from the air entering your vehicle through the ventilation system.

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Ewwww, What’s that Smell – Replace Your Car’s Cabin Filter in Minutes

Driving two boys and a dog in the Handymobile several times a day can lead to some truly funky odors. The other day I found myself wondering what the latest funk could be attributed to. Was it the stinky or was it the countless remnants and crumbs that tumbled out of the kids' mouths?...more

Cleaner Air Inside The Car With FRAM (and Giveaway!)

On Monday, when I was picking the kids up from their first day of summer camp (for real this time!), we were stopped at a light on the way home and Mira noticed a huge dust cloud go across the road as the cross-traffic went by. "Mommy, why is there so much dust?" she asked. "Because it's summer in Columbus, sweetie," I replied. I wasn't kidding....more

Fresh Air in My Car

I'll be the first to admit that my car is gross 95% of the time. Having four little ones the poor thing doesn't have a chance. And I'll also be the first to admit that even when it is cleaned out it still has a certain stale and musty smell to it. Does it bother me? You bet....more

My Car Smells Like Nothing

It's confession time. My car stinks. I mean, it's a great car, and I love it, but it smells. The smell is partly due to my kids Grace treating the back seat like her personal locker/trashcan/junk drawer (smelly shoes, sweaty clothes, used napkins, toys, books, you name it) and partly due to the humidity of summer and I don't know what else....more

Clean & Fresh Air -- In the Car

Let's face it. Everything in the news and media these days is geared toward making the switch to a healthy lifestyle. Organic this, natural that, McDonald's now offers healthier food options, and "green" products are popping up all over your grocery stores. With a baby on the way, Jon and I have decided to become more committed to creating the healthiest possible living environment to bring him home to....more

A Healthier Car Ride for my Kids

A few weeks ago, my younger son was having trouble with itchy eyes. At first I thought it was Pink Eye, and I started him on eye-drops to take away the redness. A few days later, we saw no improvements. As a matter of fact, his face was puffy and his eyes were getting worse. The school called and thought he might have allergies. The next day he woke up with his eyes swollen shut, and we knew he was struggling with something. We went to the pediatrician and she confirmed he was suffering from fairly severe allergies....more

Change the Filter in your Car

Wombat brings home many things from preschool: stories, art, sand and wood chips and rocks and sticks and leaves and feathers from mitey birds (gah), of course, GERMS. So many germs. I like to blame preschool pestilence for putting our family through what has felt like a revolving door of maladies over the last nine months, but, given our symptoms, a lot of it is probably just environmental....more

Breathing Clean Air In My Car {FRAM® Filters Review and $100 Giveaway!}

Sometimes I'm more attuned to the fact that I live with six boys than others. Traveling long distance in a vehicle or piling in our SUV after running around at the park are two of those instances. There is nothing quite like a vehicle full of sweaty boys. Except, maybe a locker room. Add a hubby who does hot yoga several times a week to the mix, and It's no wonder that the folks at FRAM offered to send me a cabin air filter to review...they must know how much clean, healthy air means to me! :)...more

Fresh Air for Your Family and a $100 Giveaway

Provide healthy meals and snacks for my boys. Ensure a good night's sleep. Be aware of the possible pollutants in their environment. There's a lot to do to provide a healthy lifestyle for my kids. At the young ages they are, it falls to me to determine what they are exposed to and keep them healthy. Just another task added onto all that moms do. But here's something I hadn't really thought about: the air in our cars....more

FRAM Fresh Breeze®

The past couple of times my husband has taken his car in for regular service, they told him he could use an air filter. It's not something that is a necessity, but it is helpful and beneficial. We (embarrassed to admit it) just kind of shrugged it off. I mean, who leaves the dealership after service wanting to spend more money? Not me....more