Free Apple Desktop Mockup for Artists

apple mockupDo you need an easier and effective way to display a desktop wallpaper or a title of  a specific post? Well I have solution! I sound like a informercial, don’t I?  Well, I created an Apple Desktop Mockup  for photoshop users that you can download for free. Not sure what I am talking about? Sure, I will explain.

Before you download the file, please read the instructions first!

  • Download the .psb file and open it in Photoshop.
  • Double click on the layer you want to edit ( the smart object highlighted in purple).
  • It will open a .psb file on the screen.
  • Place your artwork on screenshot in the canvas area. Make sure you fill the entire canvas. (Your picture size should be 831×475)
  • Then save the file “as is” and close it. (Do not change the name of the file)
  • And viola! Your artwork on screenshot will automatically appear in your apple desktop!

Okay, so here is the file! DOWNLOAD IT NOW and Enjoy!

- Rekita

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